Thursday, March 22, 2007

Was Baird the Real Deal or a Charlatan?

John Chambers wrote and extensive article on the Chronovisor for the 26th issue of Atlantis Rising. It appears at pages 34, 36, 65, 66 and 68. We commend the entire article to your critical review. Was Baird T. Spalding a charlatan or worse -- a fraud? If he was we have several disturbing questions to answer. How did he come by his very thorough spiritual insights? Why and who funded his 40 years of archeological and geophysical research and translations in the Gobi Desert and the Himalayas? Was Baird at mining engineer? In whose emply was he? Why do some say he did a multi-millionaire and others say he was penniless? What happened to his voluminous research? Where are those translations of ancient texts that ancestors though significant enough to record on gold tablets?

Here are some excerpts from the Atlantis Rising article by John Chambers. Your thoughts?

“Europe by those as eminent as French President François Mitterand. Why should a man of such accomplishment and recognition feel compelled to confabulate a story about a time machine? Why did Father Ernetti, in the last ten years of his life, become increasingly silent about the chronovisor? Was the Vatican gradually suppressing this brilliant man? Were yet more powerful forces suppressing his astonishing invention? Until recently, traveling through
time—in particular, backward in time— had been considered impossible. Today, eminent scientists are beginning to debate the conditions under which it could occur.

Picture of San Grigorio Island

University of Oxford physicist, David Deutsch, says relativity theory suggests that space-time can become so distorted that bits of it can break off to form closed space-time loops. Such ‘world-lines’ would be ‘timelike’ all the way around,” says Deutsch; if we followed part of such a
closed timeline curve (or CTC) “we could return to the past and participate in events there.” Writing in Scientific American for March, 1994, Deutsch and Oxford philosopher Michael Lockwood cite physicist Stephen Hawking as stating that “quantum-mechanical effects would either prevent CTCs from forming or would destroy any would-be time traveler approaching one,” making time travel to the past impossible.” Page 36

“I can think of half-a-dozen ways in which we could not be awash in time travelers, and still time travel is possible,” said now-deceased Carl Sagan on a NOVA TV documentary on time travel in 1994. Sagan said it might be possible to build a time machine that can go into the future, but not into the past—but we don’t know about this because we haven’t yet invented that time machine. ... Sagan put forth the possibility that the time travelers are here but we can’t see them, perhaps because they’ve perfected something like an invisibility cloak. “If they have such highly developed technology, then, why not?” he said. The author/astronomer speculated that the time travelers are here, and we see them, but “we call them something else—UFOs or ghosts or hobgoblins or fairies or something like that.” Sagan said that, finally, “there’s the possibility that time travel is perfectly possible, but it requires a great advance in our technology, and human civilization will destroy itself before time travelers invent it. I’m sure there are other possibilities as well,” Sagan concluded, “but if you just think of that range of possibilities, I don’t think the fact that we’re not obviously being visited by time travelers shows that time travel is
impossible. ... Many other scientists agree with Carl Sagan. In a recent book, Beyond Eternity (Jenseites der Ewigkeit, Langen-Müller, 2000), noted German time travel authority/author Ernst Meckelburg cites the theoretical proof for the possibility of time travel put forward as far back as 1988 by MIT astrophysicists Michael Morris, Kip Thorne and Ulvi Yurtsever in a paper published in Physical Review Letters. In earlier works, such as Zeittunnel (Time Tunnel, Langen-Müller, 1997) and Zeitschock (Time Shock, Langen-Müller, 1995), the Hanau-based author has cited the far-reaching speculations of eminent scientists, such as Israeli physicist Yakir Aharanov and Princeton cosmologist Richard Gott, which have helped place the study of time travel on a respectable footing.

Meckelburg, who received the Swiss Dr. A. Hedri Award for epipsychology (study of post-death mental states) in 1997, the same year Drs. John Mack and David Jacobs received it for exopsychology (study of the ET mind), believes, along with the scientists he cites at length, that time travel must be a fairly commonplace occurrence in the universe.” Page 65

Sidebar on David Deutsch - Oxford Quantum Physicist

DAVID DEUTSCH: Quantum mechanics is a theory of many parallel universes. Some of them are alike and some of them are very unlike. There are nearby universes that differ from this one only in the position of one photon or one electron. There are other more distant universes where we're not filming here at all and there are others where I was never even born. ... I myself believe that there will one day be time travel because when we find that something isn't forbidden by the over-arching laws of physics we usually eventually find a technological way of doing it. (“Time Travel, PBS Broadcast NOV – 1999).

It’s in regard to the cases where actual physical time machines may be involved that there may be another reason why time travel from the future, or elsewhere, may be happening, and we don’t know about it. According to journalist Miguel Jones, translator of Peter Krassa’s Father Ernetti’s Chronovisor: The Creation and Disappearance of the World’s First Time Machine (New Paradigm Books, 2000), its presence might be suppressed by one or another government in the same way as, according to Philip Corso in The Day After Roswell, the U.S. government suppressed news of the retrieval and backengineering of UFOs downed in New Mexico in 1947, even while clandestinely introducing alien technology (such as lasers) into our society. The Flagstaff, AZ-based Jones said that Father Ernetti repeatedly reaffirmed that “anyone building a time machine would have to keep it a complete secret. If word got out, the government, or evil people, would steal or appropriate the machine.” The ability to time travel confers enormous power, remarks Jones. “You could murder someone and change thepresent in a way that suited you. You could travel into the future and bring back knowledge which would enable you to assume absolute control in the present.” The journalist/translator noted this was the principal reason Ernetti gave for not divulging details of the chronovisor: “He was afraid villains would steal it and use it to control the world.” Jones quoted Father Ernetti as saying that for a year-and-a-half he couldn’t leave the monastery of San Giorgio Maggiore unless he was accompanied by two bodyguards because “the American and Russian intelligence agencies had taken an interest in him and had sent spies to shadow his every move.” Helena R. Olmo, a Spanish journalist who spent three months in Italy in 2000 researching Father Ernetti for a forthcoming book, says that, according to her sources, both the Vatican Secret Service and the Italian Secret Service detained someone in 1965 who they thought had sold information to the Russians on work being done on the chronovisor in Venice by Father Ernetti.

“The incident was mentioned in the Russian press,” says Olmo, who lives in Madrid. Has the U.S. government—perhaps in some future form—suppressed time travelers? “I don’t know,” ponders Ernst Meckelburg, “but if you look at the bizarre 2000 American presidential elections, to cite just one example, you can see that anything is possible.” Meckelburg has long wondered if the collapse of the Soviet Union and the reunification of Germany “might have been arranged from our very future.”

George Andrews, well-known author of such works as Extra-Terrestrial Friends and Foes (Illuminet Press, 1993), notes that Father Ernetti was at the peak of his activities at about the same time the CIA’s MK-ULTRA project meant to explore the possibility of time travel and much else, was itself in full swing. Andrews remarks that the research of the well-known, respected— and talkative—Benedictine priest could not have escaped the notice of the CIA—or the KGB or any other major intelligence agency. ... (page 66)

Jones says a cover-up may well have been a part of the Baird T. Spalding story (also told in detail in Father Ernetti’s Chronovisor). “For sure, a great deal of what Spalding said about himself during his lifetime was absolutely untrue. So was a whole lot of what Doug DeVorss said about Spalding. But DeVorss was in touch with Spalding on a daily basis for years, and often traveled with him. He must have known the truth. “But despite all these untruths, Baird T. Spalding was incredibly knowledgeable in many areas of esoteric learning. How did he acquire that knowledge? Doug DeVorss was murdered at just about the time people were beginning to ask questions. Now we’ll never know.” (Page 68)


Mayke Beckmann Briggs said...

A friend just gave me the books by Baird Spalding which I am presently reading. Has anyone ever noticed or commented anywhere that much of it is Christian Science as taught by Mary Baker Eddy ( much use of same unique words and phrases) who lived from 1821 - 1910, and taught from around 1884 onwards. Could Spalding have "stolen" her teachings and re-sold/re-branded them in the form of his novels? Just curious. Couldn't find any connection of the two on line, but the wording in Spalding's books seems like pure plagerism, unless there is another explanation.

dsw said...

I can understand your question; however, Mary Baker Eddy "took" her teachings from Phineas Quimby, the father of new thought. He healed her, and she became his student. Then she went out on her own and never acknowledged that her teachings merely echoed what he had taught her.
On another note, you will always find similarities of phrasing in the truth teachings, especially with those from a similar time period.

Mayke Beckmann Briggs said...

Thank you, dsw - that solves the muystery. So the Baird Spalding books are "just" New Thought books, then? Even though I studied Christian Science a bit and sent my children to CS Sunday school way back when, I was not aware of Phineas Quimby. Will look him up.

Are the Spalding books considered just fiction to support New Thought, or is there actually any physical evidence that Spalding's reports are really that, reports of actual events, people and translations of ancient documents? It's interesting reading anyway and I am enjoying it -

Dave said...

Actually the previous comment about Mary Baker Eddy taking teachings from Quimby isn't correct but that takes a bit of studying and research. I was led to 'Teachings of the Masters' through meditation and spiritual direction (guided to go downtown and then into a certain bookstore and then to a certain shelf) same thing happened with Christian Science. Led right to the reading room. If you want to know the truth ask and you will be led. Then ask to be shown how to live it.

Mayke Beckmann Briggs said...

Thank you, Dave. I agree with you. I did some research since, and it seems that both Quimby and Mary Baker Eddy were very clear about each other's teachings to be very different from each other. Neither one wanted their teachings to be associated with the other's.

It has been a wonderful "metaphysical summer" for me thanks to all of these books and related research. The books confirm many things I thought to be true due to meditation experiences and insights I have had on my own long ago. It was fascinating to find out how religiously vibrant the late 1800s and early 1900s were. Makes me feel that our great- grandmothers were "way cooler" - as my kids would put it - than our parents or grandparents.

Another great teacher I came
across is Emma Curtis Hopkins. Her expansions of Christian Science are very insightful indeed.

It is nice to read how you ask and follow spiritual guidance. I have been doing that since I was a little kid and always assumed everyone did that, but it is not as common as I thought. I also had some "strange" bookstore experiences some of them being stranger than fiction.

I guess the question remains - and maybe it will forever be speculation - whether Spalding invented the people in India for his books, or the books are an actual report. I am planning to re-read the Autobiography of a Yogi, which I vaguely remember as having similar "miraculous" reports and events.

Terryj said...

I enjoyed Bairds books, Life and Teaching......, for him to be a fraud and to have gained so much insight really makes me wonder. I do however, think he did experience the things he wrote about.

The other nagging question, Why didn't the others who joined him on this expedition write anything.


Mayke Beckmann Briggs said...

Yes - even if he is "a fraud" which may be too strong a word - even if he "made it all up" it certainly is inspired, and inspiring. It all seems a bit too complicated to be all made up by him, but it may be taken from other new thought teachers like Emma Curtis Hopkins and others. The few pictures of him do not show the level of insight in his eyes as present in photographs of Mary Baker Eddy or Emma Curtis Hopkins. To me it is doubtful he made it up - either he experienced these people in India and China, or he used the new thought teachings for a great novel.

I don't think we'll answer the question. Using Occam's razor we'd have to assume he spun a good tale.
Luckily the books are highly enjoyable without having to answer this question to our satisfaction.

Jo said...


Can anyone tell me if the research project from Evolution on Baird T Spalding has been produced? I am currently trying to trace the path of Baird & co. from 'The Life and Teachings of The Masters of the Far East' and would love any help. Please advise. Thanks!

I AM zacharias said...

It seems there are not many comments in the past year.

But, for those that are interested I will add a few pennies for thought.

Since a few have mentioned Mary Baker Eddy in conjunction with Spalding let me share this.

I visited and studied I AM for a while on my road to seek spiritual enlightenment.. IAM always on the road.

I found there were many phrases, words and thoughts during my studies of IAM that were quite familiar.. even the name St. Germain.

It all came to "realization" one evening while in Chicago on a business trip... the IAM headquarters was having their annual open house.. ONLY those who had been through the classes were invited but my sponsor asked them if i could attend.. and it was granted.

A beautiful building right square in middle of downtown Chicago.. and I was met by a gentleman to escort me and show me around.

I asked him.. if he had ever read "Life and Teachings" by Spalding.

to my surprise he said that Life and Teachings was the required reading before anyone could attend the classes for IAM before their founder Guy Ballard wrote his own introduction books for study!

and to be honest.. I had forgotten (at the time) Baird's mention of St Germain. Mr. Ballard claims to have met St Germain on a mountain and remained as his spirit guide that lead to the founding of IAM.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaJump to: navigation, search
The "I AM" Activity is the original Ascended Master Teachings religious movement founded in the early 1930s by Guy Ballard (1878–1939) and his wife Edna (1886–1971) in Chicago, Illinois.[1] It is an offshoot of theosophy and a major predecessor of several New Age religions including the Church Universal and Triumphant.[2] The movement had up to a million followers in 1938 [3] and is still active today on a smaller scale. According to the official website of the parent organization, the Saint Germain Foundation, its worldwide headquarters is located in Schaumburg, Illinois and there are approximately 300 local groups worldwide under several variations of the names "I AM" Sanctuary, "I AM" Temple, and other similar titles.[4] As of 2007, the organization states that its purpose is "spiritual, educational and practical," and that no admission fee is charged for their activities.[5] The term "I AM" is a reference to the ancient Sanskriot mantra "So Ham", meaning I Am that I Am.[6]

and.. for those of you interested... there was a man who was a Christian Science practitioner.. that became a little disenchanted with the teachings... and took it "a step beyond".. with his meditations.. and being lead.. by spirit... Joel Goldsmith and "The Infinite Way".

his first book (not actually written by him but rather a compilation of words from various tapes from his classes and meetings over the years.. is called The Thunder of Silence.. Joel is one of my teachers.. like Baird.. and many others including Cayce (whom I first read at age 11 or so).. and Jesus.. and many others.

My favorite of many by Joel is "The Realization on Oneness".


I Am zacharias

Duane Erickson said...

From K. Duane Erickson, a simple researcher into Man's beginnings.

I have spend over 20 years on Baird's books, and an even grater time on the Histories pirated by Joseph Smith, Jr in producing his Book of Mormon.

I have totally verified those histories and they are real and true, geologically, historically, and archeologically. I live in the foothills where the First of the Man Family and woman’s mummified remains are today, the location where they assumed earthly form. Had this all scientifically verified.
What Baird has offered goes right along with those histories and more. For example; The Singing's Records addressed by Baird, as well as may other, before the Chinese invasion of Tibet, were all brought to a very large cave in Utah, all assisted by a friend of mine. There is Much more.

Beth D. said...

I'm interested to know more about this cave in Utah. How did the ancient records get there and by whose order? Did your friend actually see and read them (probably in a different language)? I have a million questions.